The Swamp Ghost

PAC puts ban on museum war relics
Post Courier [ July 10, 2006 ]

The Public Accounts Committee has directed the National Museum not to recover, salvage, sell or export any war surplus material. This is one of 22 directives the committee gave the museum on Friday. The committee also directed for specific documentation and full details regarding the exporting and selling of the B17E American bomber, the Swamp Ghost, to be provided. The committee also directed that the Swamp Ghost will not be removed from the country until the committee has completed its inquiry and made a report to Parliament. In the meantime, the committee has directed for the Swamp Ghost to be placed in a securely located shelter at the cost of Aero Archeology.

The museum has also been directed to produce an inventory of all items under the control, possession or power of the National Museum and Arts Gallery every year since Independence. National Museum acting director Simon Poraituk has been directed to produce all documentation that shows compliance with the guidelines and the approval of the board of trustees, a minister or the NEC in regards to the sale, recovery or export of each aircraft or parts that have left the country since January 1, 1996. The committee has given 14 days for the National Museum to produce all records and files relating to the cashing or payment of 69 cheques, and details of the reason of each payment. The National Museum is also directed to give full co-operation and assistance to the Auditor General.





          B-17E 41-2446 art by Jack Fellows via IHRP

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